School Leader Evaluation

Reframing the Right Balance for Instructional and Operational Leadership

The results are in.

The days of school leaders simply overseeing daily operations of a school building is over. Like the teachers they help lead, school leaders themselves now play a crucial role in student achievement.

To help address this evolution and ensure that school leaders have the tools, knowledge, and insights to successfully help drive student achievement, the Marzano Focused School Leader Evaluation Model is the next step in comprehensive, objective, and evidence-based school leader evaluation.

What’s new in the Marzano Focused School Leader Evaluation Model?

The 2012 Marzano School Leader Evaluation Model included four key objectives:

  1. Create a systematic approach to evaluation
  2. Support school leader growth and development
  3. Focus on obtaining desired results
  4. Foster inter-rater agreement

The new Focused School Leader Evaluation Model introduces a fifth objective: To balance a dual focus on instructional and operational/organizational leadership.

What Makes the Marzano Focused School Leader Evaluation Model Unique?


It helps school leaders find balance and synergy between instructional and operational/organizational leadership.


It supports diversity, inclusiveness, and equal opportunity for each student.


It clearly defines the role of the school leader in keeping the school focused on core values.


It supports a caring and collaborative culture where all stakeholders embrace a growth mindset.

It keeps a constant focus on results

Domains and Elements

The Marzano Focused School Leader Evaluation Model streamlines the school leader evaluation process by introducing six domains and 21 elements to make deeper connections between instructional and organizational leadership and balance these interconnected responsibilities.

The Domains Include:

  • A Data-Driven Focus on School Improvement
  • Instruction of a Viable and Guaranteed Curriculum
  • Continuous Development of Teachers and Staff
  • Community of Care and Collaboration
  • Core Values
  • Resource Management
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