3-Day Progression for Districts and Observers

Day 1

Introduction Focuses on an overview of the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model, which includes a comprehensive, robust, and research-based description of teacher effectiveness that measures the impact of teachers using observation protocols, classroom artifacts, student work, and professional growth plans. It teaches district leaders, principals, and all staff who observe or support teachers to focus on the 23 high-leverage teacher elements to measure effectiveness and guide a teacher from standards-based planning, through selection and implementation of research-based instructional strategies, to awareness of conditions for learning in the classroom and professional responsibilities.

Day 2

Inter-Rater Agreement Focuses on five critical conditions for building teacher expertise and learning the process for using protocols to observe classroom instruction. As part of that practice, participants will utilize the protocol to observe classroom videos and determine which strategies are being used.

Day 3

Scoring & Deepening Calibration Focuses on utilizing the 5-step process to accurately score teachers, including evaluating standards-based lesson plans, observing classroom instruction, and evaluating student evidence, as well as providing feedback using the scale.

50 participants/session

3 Days

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