Tracking for Real-Time Learning

For educators who are seeking the most reliable data to effectively inform instruction, this training will foster teachers’ understanding and ability to use monitoring strategies throughout the lesson to collect evidence of standards-based student learning. The evidence collected will then be used to inform instructional decisions that will decrease the number of students requiring intervention.

Effective standards-based instruction requires teachers to continuously check students’ understanding in their learning journey toward mastery of the standard. In Tracking for Real Time Learning, teachers will learn how to intentionally and systematically build monitoring into their lessons to determine if students are merely exhibiting compliant behavior or are cognitively engaged and actively learning the content. Teachers will discover ways to formatively assess and track learning as students advance their knowledge toward learning targets and will discuss the benefits of the growth mindset instilled in students and classroom culture by monitoring and tracking learning.

This is a ‘hands-on’ session in which teachers will be given a toolbox filled with monitoring techniques, tools, and resources. Teachers will learn and plan how to monitor for learning during a lesson using assessment tasks and adapt instruction based on student evidence.

As a result of this session, participants will be able to:

  • plan to monitor during a lesson that includes a learning target, success criteria, and a task
  • plan to use a tool to track student learning
  • design questions and performance tasks to monitor the learning
  • apply appropriate monitoring techniques to check for evidence of learning
  • devise adaptions that might be necessary based on evidence
  • establish a growth mindset in students regarding learning in the classroom

Using the LSI Standards Tracker during the training, participants will ALSO be able to:

  • align their lessons to the standards and learning targets already in the technology
  • set up their class and lessons in the LSI Standards Tracker
  • use the LSI Standards Tracker to track student progress and make the learning visible
Tracking for Real Time Learning must be purchased with the LSI Standards Tracker licenses.

It is recommended teachers have time reserved after training for supportive accountability. In order for teachers to improve their monitoring practice, teachers will:

  • identify learning targets
  • plan appropriate assessment tasks to monitor learning for those targets
  • reflect on student evidence and adapt instruction as needed
  • involve peers in planning and reflection of monitoring practice
  • Teachers
  • Teacher Mentors
  • Instructional/Curriculum Coaches
  • Building Administrators
  • Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support
1 Day
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