Monitoring for Learning for Leaders

Effective standards-based instruction requires teachers to continuously check students’ understanding in their learning journey toward mastery of the standard.
In Monitoring for Learning for Leaders, school leaders will learn to provide feedback to teachers as they intentionally and systematically build monitoring into their lessons to determine if students are merely exhibiting compliant behavior or are cognitively engaged and actively learning the content. In this ‘hands-on’ session school leaders will review various monitoring techniques, tools, and resources. Leaders will discuss how teachers plan to monitor for learning during a lesson using assessment tasks and adapt instruction based on student evidence.

School leaders also learn how to provide feedback as teachers:

  • Develop a plan to monitor for learning that includes a learning target, success criteria, and a task
  • Plan to use a technique to track student learning
  • Devise adaptations that might be necessary based on evidence
  • Adapt instruction, based on monitoring evidence, to help students demonstrate understanding of content
Participants deepen their understanding of the importance of monitoring and the benefits of cultivating a growth mindset in students and the classroom culture. They also explore the relationship between monitoring and tracking student progress and discover ways to formatively assess learning as students advance their knowledge toward learning targets.
  • Building Administrators
  • Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support
1 Day
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