Learning Targets and Scales

Learn why successful standards-based planning starts with understanding the complexity the standard requires and building a progression of learning which becomes the criteria for success.

In Learning Targets & Scales, teachers will learn to construct and implement rigorous learning targets and performance scales that not only help students understand what they are learning but also drive instructional decisions. Creation and implementation of learning targets and scales will be modeled and teachers will have the opportunity to create or strengthen learning targets and scales for their own classroom.

This is a ‘hands-on’ session in which teachers will create rigorous learning targets and performance scales. Teachers will learn how to unpack standards to identify essential knowledge and skills in order to create learning targets and performance scales. They will then plan for implementation of rigorous learning targets and performance scales in their classroom.

Participants Will Understand
  • The difference between declarative and procedural knowledge and how they relate to planning
  • Cognitive and conative processes required from the standards
  • What learning targets are and how they are used to create a progression of performance levels
Participants Will Be Able To
  • Unpack essential and supplemental standards
  • Use a taxonomy or cognitive tool (Marzano/ Bloom/Webb) to identify levels of cognition required by standards
  • Distinguish between a learning target and an activity or assignment
  • Use standards to create rigorous learning targets
  • Create a scale that describes the levels of performance
  • Teachers
  • Teacher Mentors
  • Instructional/Curriculum Coaches
  • Building Administrators
  • Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support
1 Day

Creating & Using Learning Targets & Performance Scales: How Teachers Make Better Instructional Decisions

Carla Moore, Libby H. Garst, Robert J. Marzano

The Essential Flipbook for Achieving Rigor

Amy M. Dujon

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