Learning Targets and Scales for Leaders

Successful standards-based planning starts with understanding the complexity required by the standard and building a progression of learning to establish the criteria for success.
As teachers construct and implement rigorous goals and scales, they need support and feedback from leadership to ensure that they have properly unpacked the standards and built a progression of learning. In this hands-on session, school leaders build expertise in helping educators construct, implement, and strengthen the use of rigorous goals and scales in the classroom to deepen students’ learning. School leaders also learn how to provide feedback as teachers:

  • Categorize learning targets into levels of cognitive complexity
  • Organize targets into a scale describing levels of expected performance
  • Create scales that describe specific performance levels
  • Develop implementation plans for using learning targets, goals, and scales
Participants deepen their understanding of cognitive processes required by standards and learn how to use declarative and procedural knowledge in planning. They also explore the differences between learning targets, activities, and assignments and see examples of learning targets and scales implemented in the classroom.
  • Core Instruction, Deepening Core Instruction, and/or Facilitating Complex Learning training(s)
  • We recommend that teachers have also participated in Learning Targets & Scales
  • Administrators
  • Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support
1 Day
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