October 22, 2018

Instructional Decision Making

Optimize classroom instruction with strategic and efficient use of research-based instructional strategies.

In order for students to be able to demonstrate rigorous standards within the time constraints all teachers face, there needs to be a strategic and efficient use of instructional strategies. Teachers will learn to align strategies with standards-based performance scales, and learn to make instructional decisions that help students demonstrate understanding of content within a rigorous learning progression.

Strategic and efficient planning of instructional strategies will be modeled and recommended for use. This is a ‘hands-on’ session in which teachers will enhance their toolbox in order to more effectively scaffold to rigorous standards in their classroom.

Participants Will Understand
  • A variety of instructional strategies
  • How levels of cognitive complexity and student autonomy relate to rigor
  • How performance scales drive selection of instructional strategies
Participants Will Be Able To
  • Identify a variety of instructional strategies
  • Focus on purposeful selection and implementation of research-based instructional strategies
  • Plan lessons that scaffold to rigorous standards efficiently and strategically

Learning Targets & Scales, Monitor & Measure

  • Teachers
  • Teacher Mentors
  • Instructional/Curriculum Coaches
  • Building Administrators
  • Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support

1 Day

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Instructional Decision Making
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