Instructional Decision Making for Leaders

Learn how to guide teachers as they plan and scaffold instructional strategies and align them with standards-based performance scales.
This hands-on training session shows school leaders how to provide critical feedback and support to help teachers develop expertise in instructional decision making. Participants deepen their understanding of the decision-making process with practical recommendations and examples for classroom application. School leaders also learn how to follow up on observations by asking each teacher to:

  • Identify a learning progression to strengthen
  • Plan strategies based on rigor and desired results
  • Reflect on the criteria for success of each lesson
  • Involve peers in planning and reflection of implementation
Participants deepen their understanding of the importance of monitoring and the benefits of cultivating a growth mindset in students and the classroom culture. They also explore the relationship between monitoring and tracking student progress and discover ways to formatively assess learning as students advance their knowledge toward learning targets.
  • Learning Targets & Scales for Leaders
  • Monitor & Measure for Leaders
  • We recommend that teachers have also participated in Instructional Decision Making
  • Administrators
  • Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support
1 Day
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