Facilitating Complex Learning

Learn why it is essential in a rigorous, standards-based classroom to go beyond what is taught and require students to question and experiment with their new knowledge.

In Facilitating Complex Learning, teachers will learn to construct and implement researchbased instructional strategies that ask students to utilize the knowledge and skills they learn. Highly effective strategies will be modeled and recommended for use when facilitating students as they engage in cognitively complex tasks. Teachers will have the opportunity to strengthen the instructional strategies they currently utilize by practicing intentional planning to monitor for evidence of the desired result. They will also uncover other strategies and criteria required to engage students in complex learning to reach rigorous standards.

This is a ‘hands-on’ session in which teachers will create a toolbox filled with instructional strategies, tools, and resources. Teachers will learn how to organize students and provide guidance and support as students engage in cognitively complex tasks such as: investigation, problem solving, experimental inquiry, and decision making.

Participants Will Understand
  • Highly effective instructional strategies employed for complex learning
  • How student interaction supports complex learning
  • Instructional shifts necessary to prepare students for college and career
  • How criteria for success drives instruction
  • The purpose and how-to of intentional planning
Participants Will Be Able To
  • Identify appropriate strategies for complex learning
  • Anticipate the guidance and support necessary for complex learning
  • Plan for the desired result of complex learning strategies
  • Observe the impact of complex learning strategies on students in order to adapt instruction
  • Plan lessons for complex learning based on rigorous standards
  • Teachers
  • Teacher Mentors
  • Instructional/Curriculum Coaches
  • Building Administrators
  • Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support
1 Day

Engaging in Cognitively Complex Tasks: Classroom Techniques to Help Students Generate & Test Hypotheses Across Disciplines

Deana Senn, Robert J. Marzano

The Essential Flipbook for Achieving Rigor

Amy M. Dujon

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