Coaching for Implementation

LSI Marzano Center offers on-site coaching sessions where an expert consultant facilitates classroom observation and feedback and/or coaching to strengthen the implementation of the Marzano Center Essentials for Achieving Rigor. Each coaching session has a similar format yet focuses on strategies and processes specific to the districts’ point of implementation of the model.
  • Coaching strategies to support teacher implementation
  • Brainstorming next steps in improving their practice as instructional leaders
  • Participants discuss coaching for growth and the nuances of the Coaching and Feedback Tool
  • Sessions are a mixture of coaching content, technical iObservation training, and one of the options selected
Classroom Visit – Instructional coaches visit classrooms after which they share their observations and learn ways to provide specific feedback utilizing the Coaching and Feedback Tool. (Max 5)

Examining Artifacts – The Coaching and Feedback Tool is utilized to study artifacts (lesson plans, performance scales, proposed or completed student work, etc.) to analyze teacher practice. Artifacts are provided by the participants. (Max 20)

Each coaching session has a unique focus based on the training the district has received. The coaching day is intended as follow-up for training in order to support instructional leaders as they provide feedback to teachers in the implementation of strategies. As such, the day will focus on strategies that were highlighted in the corresponding training. The product profile for each training day points out the focus strategies included in each.
The corresponding training. For instance, in order to participate in Coaching for Implementation – Core Instruction, instructional leaders must have participated in the Core Instructions training.
  • Teacher Mentors
  • Instructional/Curriculum Coaches
  • Building Administrators
  • Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support
1 Day
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