2014 Marzano Teacher Evaluation System

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Marzano Framework Validated With State VAM

Good news for schools using the Marzano framework. One of the largest validation studies ever conducted on an observation framework shows that the Marzano model’s research-based structure is correlated with state VAMs. In addition, another study found that, when the model is implemented with fidelity and reinforced with coaching, student achievement significantly increases.

We’re excited to share these results with you, and we invite you to download our research report to get the details.

Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model

Teacher evaluation model takes the focus from compliance to long-term improvement

The future of teacher evaluation lies in more than collecting static pictures of how well teachers perform in any given moment. A robust teacher evaluation model helps teachers improve their instruction over time, leading students to ever-higher achievement. The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model fulfills that mission: providing clear strategies and measurable goals to help teachers, year by year, grow into the best educators they are capable of being. The model incorporates research-based strategies that create causal links to raising student achievement when teachers use the strategies with fidelity.

Developed over five decades of research, the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model allows districts or individual schools to select two or three strategies to focus on each year. Professional development is aligned to support teachers as they learn to use the strategies. With iObservation, the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model offers school administrators clear, easy-to-use scoring rubrics to provide immediate, paperless, targeted feedback on teachers’ use of classroom strategies.

  • Identifies the direct cause-and-effect relationship between teaching practices and student achievement
  • Helps teachers and leaders make informed decisions to yield the greatest benefits for their students
  • Based on 40 years of collected research and five years of real-classroom experimental/control studies
  • Tested for inter-rater reliability and offering intensive training for accuracy and fairness
  • Makes steady, measurable increases in student achievement an achievable goal
  • Accurate and reliable. Offers high levels of inter-rater reliability, ensuring fairness and accuracy in teacher evaluation. Tested in hundreds of classrooms and adopted as the statewide framework in Florida.
  • Results-oriented. Provides specific, focused feedback and a library of resources to show teachers how to improve over time in a wide array of instructional practices. Originally developed as a teacher growth framework, the model is both summative and formative. Data collection and observation feedback with the iObservation platform is instant.
  • Focused on student progress. Is validated by decades of data analysis and on-site experimental/control studies in real classrooms correlating strategies to increased student achievement.
  • Supportive. Consultants provide ongoing, in-depth training and scalable programs rooted in research to transform theory into practice. Professional improvement, self-assessment, and peer collaboration are built into the model and into the iObservation platform.

The four domains of the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model work to support each other, with a strong focus on Domain 1, Classroom Strategies and Behaviors. The 41 elements in Domain 1 constitute those classroom behaviors that have been shown, in numerous studies, to have a causal effect on student achievement.

These strategies constitute a map or plan to guide new teachers and to refresh the practices of veterans. Taken together, the 60 elements in the four domains constitute a systematic approach to teacher development that incorporates self-assessment, peer review, evaluation, and focused mentoring to give teachers a solid, measurable foundation for improving their practice, thereby raising student achievement year by year.

Our cadre of experts partner with your district to successfully develop your teacher and leadership evaluation systems to best suit your district’s culture and needs. Through our partnership with Dr. Marzano, we offer official products and services of the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model and Marzano School Leadership Evaluation Model to provide integrated solutions for establishing a common language across your district. Learn more.

Learning Sciences is with you every step as you implement the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model. We train observers for inter-rater reliability, conduct workshops on understanding the model and utilizing classroom strategies for best results, and share proven tools for building teacher capacity over time to raise student achievement. Our expert support staff has worked with state departments of education, as well as urban, suburban, and rural schools across the nation, to align and implement the model based on individual cultures and needs. We are dedicated to your school’s or district’s success from day one. Learn more about our products and services for teacher evaluation.