Marzano Model Training Goes on the Road

Learning Sciences Marzano Center is taking the Marzano model professional development on the road -- an educator's extreme workout that will help you line up your game plans for the next school year. Administrators new to the model will find these trainings especially helpful to synch up with the rest of their team.

Teachers and observers will receive a healthy dose (i.e., in-depth training and vigorous mental workouts) of professional development in the Marzano model right in their backyards. Districts and schools can now send as many or as few of their faculty and staff for professional development without the daunting task of finding and organizing a location.

And because these trainings are open to all educators, attendees are likely to come from a variety of districts. Learning from peers outside of your sphere is a great way to expand your knowledge and connect with others facing similar challenges and concerns. It's a great opportunity for administrators new to the model to learn how it works within their schools and districts so they'll be prepared for the coming school year.


Session is subject to cancellation if the minimum enrollment is not achieved.

Registration deadline: two weeks prior to each training





August 28-29, 2014

Domain 1: Framework and Protocol

Lake County Schools, Learning Resource Center
510 S Palm Avenue


October 13-15, 2014

Domain 1: Inter-Rater Reliability

Lake County Schools, Learning Resource Center
510 S Palm Avenue


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