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  • All the scales and evidences for the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model
  • The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model Learning Map
  • NEW white paper on the transformative power of a fully aligned evaluation system for teachers, non-classroom instructors, school leaders, and district leaders
  • White paper examining the role of teacher evaluation in student achievement
  • White paper on creating a common language of instruction and an aligned system
  • Recorded webinars with Dr. Marzano and Learning Sciences Marzano Center experts

About the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model

Based on nearly five decades of research on effective teaching and learning practices, the Marzano model makes sense on a lot of levels.

  • It identifies the direct cause-and-effect relationship between teaching practices and student achievement
  • It helps teachers and leaders make informed decisions to yield the greatest benefits for their students
  • It's tested for inter-rater reliability and offers intensive training for accuracy and fairness
  • It makes steady, measurable increases in student achievement an achievable goal

About Learning Sciences Marzano Center

We specialize in deep implementation of systems that promote continuous teacher growth. Our focus is on best practices that support teachers in improving their daily instruction. We partner with states, districts, and schools to build educational expertise, so that every student can become a better and more successful learner — for life.

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