October 13, 2017

New Mexico

New Mexico is Ready for Success

Teacher Evaluation in New Mexico

It’s time to take bold efforts to ensure our children receive a quality education that will prepare them to succeed in college and the workforce.

––New Mexico Education Secretary Hanna Skandera

Governor Susana Martinez’s education initiatives have focused on supporting and training effective teachers to drive student achievement. At the Governor’s request, The New Mexico Effective Teaching Task Force originally identified nine teacher competencies, or areas of performance focus, that would be incorporated into the 3-Tier Licensure requirements for New Mexico teachers. Although Senate and House bills based on revised guidelines were tabled this year, New Mexico will be required to update teacher evaluation systems to conform to No Child Left Behind Waiver requirements. The goal is to improve teacher performance, year by year, with a corresponding rise in student achievement.

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model is based on 40 years of research and hundreds of in-classroom studies (including one important study in Farmington, New Mexico ).

This extensive research base for the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model is one reason teachers say the framework has improved their practice. Studies on the model have shown an average 16 percentile point increase in student achievement. It’s why Putnam County School District in Florida chose the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model when they revised their evaluation system two years ago.

The New Mexico Effective Teaching Task Force took Putnam County as an example when they made their recommendations for teacher evaluation reforms.

The Task Force drew on the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model to identify ideal practices that teachers use in the classroom to raise student achievement. Governor Martinez, on the recommendation of the Task Force, has planned pilot programs for new evaluation systems to begin in the fall of 2012.

The Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model

and its focused, simplified evaluation model for standards-based classrooms.

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