October 13, 2017


Teacher Evaluation in Nevada

See why Lyon County, Nevada, spearheaded by Deputy Superintendent Wayne Workman, chose the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model and the iObservation technology platform for its first year of evaluation implementation:

The school district chose The Art and Science of Teaching by educational researcher Dr. Robert Marzano as its evaluation model, feeling that, as part of a fair and consistent evaluation process with specific feedback to improve skills, this provides the most feedback for teachers on effective instructional practices and outlining specific, high probability teaching strategies shown to lead to higher student achievement when implemented correctly.

As part of that the LCSD chose iObservation, an online-based program created by Learning Sciences, Intl., as the tool by which data can be collected surrounding the implementation of Marzano strategies. The program would be used by administration evaluators for the licensed staff in their schools.

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