October 13, 2017


Nebraska Makes the Grade

Teacher Evaluation in Nebraska

Moving Forward for Student Success

“If you don’t have some way to observe, evaluate, and improve, your program is not moving forward.” 

–Jay Sears, Director of Instructional Advocacy, NSEA

A few years ago, the Nebraska Board of Education voted 8-0 to implement a new teacher evaluation system for Nebraska’s public schools. The vote signaled a clear commitment to improve the quality of Nebraska’s K-12 teachers through regular, targeted feedback and by extension, to make a strong impact on raising student achievement.

Today, meaningful feedback and evaluation is as important as ever with more rigorous standards and assessments as the reality in Nebraska. Schools across the state are discovering the power of the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model to help teachers plan and deliver standards-based lessons with rigor. For observers, this model represents a clear pathway for more intentional observations to help teachers improve their instructional practice.

Research tells us that the role of the teacher is the single greatest factor impacting student learning.

Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model

and its proven cause-and-effect relationship to student achievement.

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