October 13, 2017


Nebraska Makes the Grade

Teacher Evaluation in Nebraska

Moving Forward for Student Success

“If you don’t have some way to observe, evaluate, and improve, your program is not moving forward.” 

–Jay Sears, Director of Instructional Advocacy, NSEA

In February of this year, the Nebraska Board of Education voted 8-0 to implement a new teacher evaluation system for Nebraska’s public schools. The vote signaled a clear commitment to improve the quality of Nebraska’s K-12 teachers through regular, targeted feedback and by extension, to make a strong impact on raising student achievement. As outlined by the board, the new evaluation systems would be weighted with student test outcomes for an accurate measure of whether student learning was improving under the new system.

The board’s decision came on the heels of a policy paper released in early January 2012 by the Platte Institute, Teacher Selection and Evaluation in Nebraska. The report cited Florida as a possible model for future education policy in Nebraska. Florida’s state legislation, the report noted, has set clear standards, incentives, and consequences for teacher effectiveness and ineffectiveness, but empowers local schools and parents to act.

Research tells us that the role of the teacher is the single greatest factor impacting student learning.

Marzano Causal Teacher Evaluation Model

and its proven cause-and-effect relationship to student achievement.

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  • White paper: Examining the Role of Teacher Evaluation in Student Achievement DOWNLOAD This report offers a summary of the research on how the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model affects student achievement. The paper, co-written by Executive Director Dr. Robert Marzano, CEO Michael Toth, and Dr. Peggy Schooling, summarizes in-depth studies conducted with 500 teachers in 87 schools embedded in 26 districts in Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas. On average, the strategies used in the independent studies represent a gain of 16 percentile points in student achievement associated with specific Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model strategies with some gains as high as 31 percent.
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  • Research Reports for the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model. These reports document statistical analyses undertaken for the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, along with a discussions of potential implications for classroom teachers and school administrators.
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