October 13, 2017


Teacher Evaluation in Missouri

Teacher Evaluation in Missouri

An evaluation instrument for more rigorous MO standards

In 2011, Missouri’s DESE pulled together a working group of key stakeholders to develop and adopt new teaching standards for the state. From the work of this group, and building upon work of the Missouri Advisory Council of Certification for Educators (MACCE) the Missouri Model Teacher and Leaders Standards were developed.

Since that time, more rigorous Missouri Learning Standards have been implemented along with more rigorous student assessments. The new MO standards require an instructional shift for more rigor in the classroom and for students to take an ownership role in their learning. The new Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model helps teachers plan and deliver standards-based lessons with rigor. For observers, this model represents a clear pathway for more intentional observations to help teachers improve their instructional practice.

Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model

and its proven cause-and-effect relationship to student achievement.

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