October 13, 2017


Maine Approves the Marzano Teacher and School Leader Evaluation Models

Maine educators, steering committees, and School Administrative Units are working together to meet the requirements of the proposed Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth Systems by the state. The primary goal of implementing contemporary educator evaluation systems is to raise student achievement by improving educator effectiveness.

The Maine Department of Education has approved the required elements of a professional practice model that are included in both the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model and Marzano School Leader Evaluation Model. While these models can be implemented independently, they were designed to be used in close conjunction and, as such, are a tightly-aligned pair of evaluation models. Both models rely on a common language of instruction, building collaboration among teachers, leaders, and central office administrators to maximize an education system’s impact on raising student achievement.

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model

Aligned to The Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC), the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model is robust and thorough enough to help educators identify the “thin slices” of teaching behaviors that help them focus on specific areas for improvement. Furthermore, the model’s observation protocol facilitates administrators’ observations for the implementation of the updated Maine Learning Results (state standards).

  • Download the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model scales and evidences (PDF)
  • Download the model alignment to InTASC (PDF)

For more information on the model and implementation best practices

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The Marzano School Leader Evaluation Model

Aligned to the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards, the Marzano School Leader Evaluation Model provides school leaders and administrators with strategies and tools to empower their teachers, so leaders and teachers can focus together on the ultimate objective: improving student learning.

Although this school leader evaluation model supports any InTASC-aligned teacher evaluation model, its power is realized most fully when used in conjunction with the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model.

  • Download the Marzano School Leader Evaluation Model evidences and scales (PDF)
  • Download the model alignment to ISLLC (PDF)

For more information, visit the School Leader Evaluation tab on our website.

iObservation also fully supports the Marzano School Leader Evaluation model to make implementation manageable and affordable for any district. Contact Director of District Partnerships Stacy Penna to schedule a demonstration, or if you have any questions about the model and how we can support implementation in your district.

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