October 12, 2017

Papers, Articles, and Research

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LSI’s 2018 Catalog includes the latest in professional development tools and resources, books, and training for educators and administrators at all grade levels. New product and service offering areas include resources for student-centered learning, school transformation, focused and aligned observation and evaluation, as well as the latest books and quick reference guides published by LSI authors and education thought leaders.

Papers, Articles, and Research

Teacher Evaluation

  • Overview of the Focused Teacher Evaluation Model
  • Focused Teacher Evaluation Model – Success Map
  • 2014 Protocol – Four Domains
  • 2014 Protocol
  • 2011 Learning Map – View Resource
  • 2011 Scales and Evidences
  • White Papers
    • “Aligning Standards with Instruction and Student Evidence Using the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model”
    • “Common Language, Common Goals: How an Aligned Evaluation & Growth System for District Leaders, School Leaders, Teachers, and Support Personnel Drives Student Achievement”
    • “Examining the Role of Teacher Evaluation in Student Achievement”
    • “Creating an Aligned System”
    • “Contemporary Research Base for the Marzano Causal Teacher Evaluation Model, a Summary”
    • “Deliberate Practice for Deliberate Growth: Teacher Evaluation Systems for Continuous Instructional Improvement”
  • Articles
    • “Teacher evaluation for teacher growth: Education reform is trending toward evaluation models that don’t just measure, but develop teacher expertise,” Robert J. Marzano and Michael Toth
    • “Supporting Teacher Growth with Instructional Rounds,” Robert J. Marzano and Michael D. Toth, ASCD June 20, 2013
  • Research
    • “Investigating a Systematic Process to Develop Teacher Expertise: A Comparative Case Study” by Mielke, Paul George.
    • “Systemic Educational Coaching in the Middletown City School District: The Impact on Teacher Pedagogy”
    • “First Implementation Year Study for the Correlation of Value-Added Model Scores, Average Scores on Marzano Elements, and Quality Ratings for Pedagogy”
    • “Educational Leadership: Best of Educational Leadership 2003-2004: The Key to Classroom Management”

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

Traditional Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) don’t always provide the formative feedback teachers need to ensure that all students are on track. Learn how Marzano Center Student Learning Objectives keep teachers consistently informed about student performance, enabling them to make the necessary instructional shifts that help learners meet rigorous new standards.

Only MCSLOs take into account all the critical elements of a successful standards-aligned SLO:

  • Predictive student growth metrics
  • Formative assessment and quiz grades
  • Tracking student progress on standards
  • Reliability estimates of classroom data
  • The use of data to increase teacher autonomy

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