The Marzano Non-classroom Instructional Support Personnel Model (2012)

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“Evaluation should not necessarily be one size fits all. On average, ten percent or more of certificated instructors in a school or district are in non-classroom roles. The Marzano Center Non-classroom Instructional Support Personnel Model was designed to be a tool to give these teachers feedback about their roles and responsibilities, and to help them improve their practice. The framework encompasses all certificated non-classroom based teachers from guidance counselors to social workers.” 

–Beverly Carbaugh, Ed.D., model author

Webinar: New Non-Classroom Instructional Support Personnel Evaluation Model

The Marzano Center Non-Classroom Instructional Support Personnel Model is best suited for staff members who support instruction at the school or district level, but who do not have day-to-day teaching schedules with specific groups of students. Rooted in the common language of the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, this model was designed for growth and measurement, but adapted to capture the unique responsibilities of support personnel.

As with our other models, the Non-Classroom Instructional Support Personnel Model promotes the use of focused goals and specific behaviors correlated with increased student achievement. It serves as a valuable part of our comprehensive approach to evaluation, as it is compatible with the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, the Marzano School Leader Evaluation Model, and the Marzano District Leader Evaluation Model.

For a full overview of the model, along with learning map, scales, and evidences, you can download the document by filling out the form on the right. And be sure to watch our recorded webinar explaining the model.

Scales and Evidences

for the Marzano Center Non-Classroom Instructional Personnel Evaluation Model