Marzano District Leader Evaluation Model – 2018 Update

Learning Sciences collaborated with Robert J. Marzano to develop the District Leader Evaluation Model based on the most current research into the relationship between district culture and student achievement. The model is the only district leader evaluation framework designed to correspond to both a teacher evaluation and school leader evaluation framework to maximize impact on raising student achievement. The model is also closely aligned with a fourth component, for non-classroom instructional staff: the Marzano Center Non-Classroom Instructional Support Personnel Evaluation Model.

A Vision for District Leadership

When district leaders empower and support principals and school administrators to focus on student academic growth, and all central office departments share that vision, the quality of achievement for students, teachers, schools, and communities improves.

The Marzano District Leader Evaluation Model builds upon three decades of research into the relationship between administrator behaviors, teacher efficacy, and student achievement. It is the capstone of a tightly nested evaluation system that ensures all educators and support personnel in a district are committed to the same goals.

The model focuses on the non-negotiable goal of student achievement and encourages district leaders to deliberately undertake the actions that support principals and drive learning. All six district leader model domains correspond to domains in the school leader evaluation model. When used together, the Marzano models achieve a tightly coupled organizational structure with an emphasis on measurable student achievement as supported by data.

Features of the Marzano District Leader Evaluation Model

  • Built on a foundation of current research into the connection between district leader actions and student achievement
  • Integrated with the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model
  • Centered on what’s important and how to get there: student achievement
  • Contains six domains with 20 categories of district leader actions and behaviors
  • Provides clear evidences to ensure that district leaders are evaluated fairly and accurately
  • Comes with a full slate of tools, training, and expert assistance.

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