Common Core Comes to a Computer Near You

Originally published in CenterEd in 2013 As the school year gets ready to start, teachers in Monett, Montana, recently received a rousing pep talk from their superintendent, Brad Hanson. “In a class of twenty-five students, you will have twenty-five different learning trajectories,” Hanson said. “I want to challenge each of you to use technology to[…]

It Doesn’t Always Take a Village: Marzano Methods Work Even When You’re on Your Own

Originally published in CenterEd on November 15, 2013 One teacher’s efforts to transform her school’s culture For the first six years of her teaching career, Melanie Fowler carried around a lot of anxiety. As an eighth-grade English teacher at Line Mountain Junior/Senior High School—a small, rural school in Pennsylvania—Fowler felt keenly the weight of expectations[…]

The Mathematics of Excellent Teaching

The rows of ninth graders who stare expectantly back at Agnes Nemeth each day in her mathematics classes are participating in a grand and improbable adventure: absorbing the complex mathematics they need to master to be eligible for full enrollment at Florida Atlantic University. “We are a very, very special breed here,” Nemeth says with[…]

Planning Activities Connected to Student Outcomes–Keep the Horse Before the Cart

Who’s working the hardest in your classroom? Great teachers strive to deliver instruction that’s both interesting and purposeful. They want activities to be engaging, but they also have to be able to monitor for the desired effect of each instructional strategy. Above all, of course, teachers want activities to result in meaningful learning. As you[…]

“I Used to Think… Now I Know…” Helping Students Examine Their Reasoning

Errors of MisinformationExamining reasoning starts with an understanding that everyone is wrong at some point. Everyone experiences errors of misinformation, but successful students can quickly corrects those errors, revise their knowledge, and build on their overall understanding. The best way to help students avoid errors of misinformation is to make them aware of them. Metacognition—thinking[…]