Building From the Ground Up, Part I

Originally published in CenterEd in April, 2014. A new charter school builds around the Marzano model and teachers with big hearts. Stacy Schmit is very clear about what she was looking for when she was assembling her team for the brand new Rennaissance Charter School at Tradition: “Our teachers were hired because they have that[…]

A Model of Instruction for Middle Schoolers: Part 1

Originally published in CenterEd in 2013 Kerin Steigerwalt is one of those rare and wonderful individuals who love teaching middle school students. She loves their quirky and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor, their nascent and uncertain search for their own identities, and the constantly evolving opportunities they present for her own professional and personal growth.[…]

Braving the New Frontier: Taking the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model to Online School, Part 3

Originally published in CenterEd on November 1, 2013 Amie Jonckowski is far from your typical high school teacher. She was a medical researcher before she took the plunge into education, and then she bypassed a traditional school setting and headed directly online, where she teaches chemistry and physics at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA). Jonckowski[…]

Meeting the Challenge of Change

Originally published in CenterEd in 2013 If there’s one thing Kathy Smith wants people to know about how Michigan’s Farmington Public School District approached the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, it can be summed up in one word: “Carefully.”     Anther word that comes up often when you talk about the process to Smith, principal[…]

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Teacher Evaluation?

Originally published in CenterEd on September 20, 2013 There’s probably nothing quite as disheartening to a straight-A student as receiving a less-than-perfect grade on an assignment. It stands to reason, then, that teachers who are accustomed to receiving stellar results on their evaluations would feel similarly discouraged upon receiving lower-than-expected ratings. Two recent news stories[…]