Dr. Ilene’s Journey – Promoting Reflective Teaching in Kuwait, Part 2

Last week, we learned about Dr. Ilene Winokur’s lifelong love of education, which has led her from teaching third grade at an American school in Kuwait to her current post as managing director of Specialized Solutions, Kuwait’s first and only educational consulting company. Recently, Winokur wrote an article for an international education journal, focusing on[…]

A.D. Henderson’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement: Part 2

Last week, we spoke with Chrisencia Barzey and Brian Schum, two educators at A.D. Henderson University School, a public K-8 school on the campus of Florida Atlantic University. Both teachers told us that since the school implemented the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model in 2011, they have grown professionally, increasing their focus on planning, creating learning[…]

Cognitive or Conative? Teaching Strategies for the 21st Century

Historically, education has been about developing students’ cognitive skills to improve their ability to store and process information. This is still critical, of course, but today’s rigorous college and career readiness standards also emphasize the development of students’ conative skills to prepare them for higher education and the global workplace. Put simply, students use conative[…]

An Easy Technique for Teaching Students to Identify Critical Content

Originally published in CenterEd in June, 2014. Today’s students need to know how to accept ownership of their own learning. An educator’s job becomes much easier when students are able to take control of their progress; but how, exactly, can you teach that? The Learning Sciences International Essentials for Achieving Rigor series of instructional guides[…]

Insights from a Maine Middle School: The Power and Simplicity of iObservation

Originally published in CenterEd in June, 2014. Bonny Eagle Middle School in Buxton, Maine, has been piloting iObservation, Learning Sciences International’s observation and professional development software for educators, and it’s already seeing the results. This week, the school’s principal, Mick Roy, shares an experience with a Bonny Eagle teacher who was able to put the[…]

Working on the What and the How with Essentials for Achieving Rigor

Originally published in CenterEd in June, 2014. Over the past two weeks, we’ve been sharing valuable insight from administrators at the largest middle school in the state of Maine—Bonny Eagle Middle School. Having taken part in a pilot of iObservation, Learning Sciences International’s observation and professional development software, and instructed the faculty to study elements[…]