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Focused evaluation for on-target learning results

As you transition to new standards and assessments, it’s crucial to support teachers and leaders along the way. If you want to increase rigor in the classroom, then providing guidance that enables accountability is a must.

Anchor your implementation with the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model, an objective framework for measuring and improving teacher performance. Developed in partnership with Dr. Robert J. Marzano, the Focused Model updates the original Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model and draws on decades of research on teacher pedagogy and evaluation.

So what’s new? The upgraded Focused Evaluation Model streamlines current research and validation studies—zeroing in on 23 essential teacher competencies for improved clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness. For each competency, the model incorporates a focus statement and desired effect, plus sample instructional techniques and strategies for evaluating student work.

You’ll maximize your capacity for leadership while reinforcing the natural link between core instruction and teacher accountability. Look to these four, clearly marked domains of expertise for teacher and leader effectiveness for effectiveness indicators:

  • Rigorous, standards-based system in every classroom
  • Relentless focus on student results with leading indicators
  • Responsive instructional framework with a pathway to scaffold instruction
  • Renewed and revitalized teachers with access to resources for growing their practice

Key features:

  • The focus on 23 teacher competencies improves teacher adoption and clarifies expectations
  • Evaluation scores are based on student evidence of learning
  • Improves inter-rater agreement in scoring
  • Is aligned to support and measure teacher implementation of standards-based curriculum
  • Is designed to monitor growth and reward teacher improvement
  • Is fully supported with multiple types of professional development
  • Works with iObservation to allow teachers and administrators transparent history observation scores
  • Incorporates stronger diagnostic feedback capabilities for teachers
  • Prioritizes deeper alignment for necessary instructional shifts

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