Building a Bridge Between Common Core and the Art and Sciences of Teaching Framework

Two of the foremost discussion topics in education today are Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and professional development frameworks for improving teacher practice. These two education reform efforts are in fact aligned. CCSS explain what is expected for a student to be able to know or demonstrate during each year of K-12 schooling. The CCSS define "what", but do not designate "how" teachers should meet these standards. Drawing on research-based on instructional strategies, Dr. Robert Marzano's Art and Science of Teaching Framework focuses on the "how" for teachers to strategically plan instruction with a level of depth aligned to Common Core.

In this webinar recorded on June 27, we discussed how instructional strategies in the Art and Science of Teaching Framework serve as powerful tools to put these new and more rigorous standards into practice. More specifically, explicit connections will be made between Common Core and:

  • Unpacking the standards
  • Using learning goals, scales, and assessments
  • Introducing new content
  • Practicing and deepening knowledge
  • Engaging students in cognitively complex tasks
  • Planning for student engagement

Building a clear bridge between CCSS and the Art and Science of Teaching Framework will help decision-makers and teachers align the new standards with specific strategies to improve teacher performance and student achievement.

You can use this link to Download a PDF of the slides used during this webinar.

If your district requires assistance with implementing Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Learning Sciences Marzano Center experts are not only able to guide you through CCSS, they show you how to apply strategies to your instructional practice for achievable classroom results. You can download this PDF for more information about our CCSS training series.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Common Core State Standards and the professional development services we provide.