Marzano School Leadership Evaluation

Built on a Foundation of Sound Research

The Marzano School Leader Evaluation Model is based on in-depth research and an extensive review of contemporary literature in school administrator leadership. To develop the model, Dr. Marzano and his associates first conducted a survey of the available research on school administrator competence. From this survey, specific school leader actions and behaviors were identified that, historically, have had a relationship with student achievement. Four primary documents were used in the review of literature:

(1) A study by the Wallace Foundation, Investigating the Links to Improved Student Learning (Louis, Leithwood, Wahlstrom, and Anderson, 2010)

(2) What Works in Oklahoma Schools, conducted for the Oklahoma State Department of Education (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2011)

(3) Meta-analysis of School Leadership, published in School Leadership that Works (Marzano, Waters, and McNulty, 2005)

(4) The Marzano Study of School Effectiveness, published in What Works in Schools (Marzano, 2003)

Based on the findings, Dr. Marzano identified 24 categories of principal actions and behaviors and strategically organized them into five domains that, if used consistently, will spur measurable teacher improvement with corresponding gains in student achievement.

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