Amazing Online Resources for Teachers: Flipped Classrooms, Khan Academy, and Design Question 2

Helping students interact with new knowledge at home flips learning on its head.

In a previous article on flipped classroom teaching (Deliberate Practice: 5 Key Advantages to Flip-Flop Teaching), we defined flip-flop teaching, also known as reverse teaching, flipped classroom, flipped learning, and inverted learning, as an instructional strategy that involves introducing new information as homework (Marzano Design Question 3, element 16) instead of teaching it in class. In the flipped classroom, teachers introduce new concepts (Design Question 2) at home, and then practice and deepen new knowledge (key to helping students succeed with the new Common Core State Standards) in class.

For several years, one of the best flipped classroom resources has been the completely free, online Khan Academy (backed by none other than Bill Gates), but their resources did not include the humanities. Now, with their acquisition of Smart History, that’s all changed. They’ve got everything from fractions to Ancient Egypt.

Of course, these resources are not only for flipped classrooms. The Khan Academy’s resources can be used in the classroom as well, as part of your resource toolbox for working with Design Question 3. Whether assigned as homework or used as supplemental material in the classroom, the Khan Academy provides an amazing array of essays, interactive applications, and videos. Check out the range of courses now offered under the Khan Academy umbrella:

• Math: Arithmetic and pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, precalculus, Calculus, Probability and statistics, Differential equations, Linear algebra, Applied math
• Science & Economics: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Cosmology and astronomy, Organic chemistry, Finance and capital markets, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Computer science, Healthcare and medicine
• Computer Science: Drawing, Programming Basics, Animation, User Interaction
• Humanities: History, American Civics, Art History
• Test Prep: SAT Math, GMAT, CAHSEE, California Standards Test, Competition Math, IIT JEE, Singapore Math

For a great presentation on the Khan Academy (plus a cameo by Bill Gates), you can see their TED presentation here. They even have a dedicated Teacher Toolkit page.

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