Creating and Posting Learning Goals and Scales, Part 2: Who Creates the Scales?

This is Part 2 of a response to a question we received this week about creating learning goals and scales. See Part 1 – about how to post goals – here.

One of the other big questions I get about learning goals is: Who needs to create them?

If you have other same grade-level teachers in your school, it makes sense to create learning goals and scales together as a grade level and share them. There is also bank of scales at under the free resources tab. You sign up for the site, but it doesn’t cost anything. Some districts use curriculum writing teams in the summer to create learning goals and scales that teachers have the option of using.

One of our readers, a middle school language teacher, has also written us to say that she enlists help from her students in writing goals – their collaboration helps them buy in and feel a sense of ownership for their learning targets.

Remember that the key is to establish an initial target and provide feedback to students with information regarding their progress toward it. How learning goals are created, or how they are accessible, are important logistics—but they aren’t in themselves what increase student learning. Student learning comes from the feedback you give students as they progress toward the learning goal (which is another blog post in the making! ).

Share your expertise! Tell us how you create and post your learning goals and scales. Or use the comments space below to ask us a question. We’d love to hear from you.

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