Welcome to Sharing Expertise

In honor of the Department of Education’s “Connected Educator” month in August, Learning Sciences Marzano Center wants to help you get connected with fellow educators who are implementing new teacher growth and evaluation systems. 

Our new blog, Sharing Expertise, will examine the classroom practice and implementation issues most vital to your professional growth as teachers, leaders, and administrators. And, we’ll connect you with other educators across the nation who are deeply involved with the same processes in their schools. Learn from them, help them learn from you, and let our staff developers and consultants make up the difference.

Our senior consultants and staff developers will be posting three times a week on:

• Common Core: The five biggest misconceptions
• Practical strategies for creating learning goals and scales
• Effective monitoring: It can change your classroom culture
• Reverse teaching: Aligning the flipped classroom to the Marzano Framework
• Why Deliberate Practice is teacher friendly and teacher driven
• Big Gains for Observer Accuracy and Inter-rater Reliability in Domain 1
• And much, much more

We need your participation to make Sharing Expertise a truly worthy personal and professional learning community. Send us your triumphs, your struggles, your questions, your practical applications of strategies, your sticking places, your innovations—and we’ll share, discuss, and investigate until we get to the heart of the matter. We want to make Sharing Expertise a place where our expertise meets your expertise to become something bigger than any of us could could accomplish alone.

Welcome. We look forward to sharing with you!

Who We Are:
Learning Sciences Marzano Center Executive Directors, Staff Developers, and Senior Consultants

Senior Consultants:
Dr. Robert Marzano
Dr. Beverly Carbaugh
Dr. Peggy Schooling
Michael Toth

Staff Developers
Gwen Bryant
Laurine Halter
Kelly Harmon
Stacy Holland
Kathy Marx
Tzeporaw Sahadeo
Dr. Ria Schmidt
Penny Sell
Deana Senn
Connie West

When We Post
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
(but we’ll answer your comments and questions daily!)

Other Ways to Connect
“Like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for constant news updates. Here’s where we consolidate breaking news in education reform, best practices, and state education initiatives for a steady feed of information about what your colleagues across the country are up to.

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